Panama City and Farewell!!

Well the humans friend Steve, finally has to leave and head back home. I will miss his company. He was very good to play with and had a very comfortable lap for me to lounge on.

Steve’s flight was out of Panama City, so I sent the male human off to accompany him and explore the city, before his departure. They left Portobello taking the local bus to Colon. Then an express bus to Panama City. Total cost $6 each. The bus dropped them off at Los Andes shopping mall, but you can stay all the way to The Albrook Mall. Both malls were overwhelming to the male human who has not seen so many shops since the USA.

Panama City has very good subway system. It is one line that runs through the centre of the city. You buy a card for $2 and put credit on it. The boys put $3 credit on each and it lasted them two days travelling around the city,


They got to their hotel and had a quiet few beers and a good local Pizza. The next day they set off exploring.

First stop The Panama Canal. An engineering marvel linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It was begun by the French in 1880, but financial troubles and diseases made the initiative fail. After its independence in 1903, Panama negotiated an agreement with the United States for the construction of the Canal, which the U.S. finished on 15th August 1914 and managed until 1999.

At noon on 31st December 1999, Panama took over full operation, administration and maintenance of the Canal in compliance with the Torrijos-Carter Treaties negotiated with the United States in 1977.

You can visit the Canal by Land at The Miraflores Locks. The last locks before the Pacific Ocean. There is a visitor, with a very good museum and a great view of the locks. The easiest way to get there is to take the subway to Albrook Station and then a taxi. Taxi is about $8 for two. Entrance fee to museum and visitor centre is $15. A bit steep but worth it.

Steve outside Miraflores Locks

Unfortunately no ships were in the locks when they visited and the next was not scheduled to arrive until 3pm, so with limited time, they left to explore Panama City.

Miraflores Locks

Tug in Lock

Plaque Panama Canal

They headed off to the fish market

Fish Market


Cain at Fish Market

They had an excellent meal in the simple restaurant upstairs.


They then set off on foot and walking to the old town, Casco Viejo. On way they got great views of the new city and development. Reminiscent of a US City Skyline.Boats and City close up

Steve and Panama CityThe old town has a wall surrounding it.

City Wall

There are plenty of beautiful Spanish Colonial Style Buildings

Square Building

House with Palm Trees



Church and Statue

There are also some in need of restoration

old house

There are a few artists who are selling their works.

Reflecting on Paintings

Even a Kuna Stall.


The views of the new city from the old were great.

Cain on Wall

All this walking about got the boys thirsty. They were tempted to cool off in a courtyard pool they found.

Steve by pool

But instead they stopped at a BrewPub called La Rana Dorada and enjoyed a couple of pints of excellent English Style Pale Ale.

La Rana Dorada

Steve had to fly out the next day. Where did those 5 weeks go? He was great company and generous and hardworking crewmember. The male human is particularly upset that he is backing doing the dishes! Take care Steve we hope your return visit wont be too long

Steve from old city to new